Clothier Joseph Hinton,

A product of Sierra Leone, West Africa, Mr. Joseph Hinton, grew up a determined young man, full of tenacity. He apprenticed under a master tailor, in Freetown, Sierra Leone and became exceptionally skillful in his own right. Mr. Hinton’s hard work soon paid off, as he later had a lot of time to travel because of his diligence and dedication. He traveled to Las Palmas, Spain, France, and London doing what he loves. His passion heightened from his journeys to and from countries where fashion is expressed  as a way of life.

In 1987, Mr. Hinton, moved to the United States and worked for one of the largest hotel chains in America. At night was when he gave in to his creative side and embellished upon his passion. A few years later his first showroom/boutique opened and in 1990 he opened a fabric store, where he was one of the prime targets for Atlanta area designers. At this time, Mr. Hinton still created customized garments for clients and celebrities, which won him a Best Designer Award in Atlanta, in 1992. He soon became known for his fine handmade garments, as his clientele base grew rapidly, and his style of work became easily separated from the work of other designers.

Joseph Hinton’s distinguished men’s apparel has developed the most loyal following of both men and women, who believe in clothing that endure, season after season. His unique process of consultation and coordination of wardrobes set him apart from the traditional men’s store. His skills as a professional clothier include studying various body types and sizes, perfecting the ideal of fit, and mastering the dying art of tailoring. Coloring of fabrics and styling to guide each client through their selection of customized garments is his forte, as Mr. Hinton exceeds his clients’ expectations.


Vanessa Henderson, of Van Miller International, is known for her timeless designs, sophisticated knot dresses and couture aesthetic.

Vanessa was raised by a single mom and is the oldest of six siblings. Taught to sew by her mother, Vanessa learned how to sew everything by hand. Married at seventeen years old she became a stay at home mother and began sewing for neighbors and friends for extra income. Once news spread throughout the small rural community, orders became overwhelming. Vanessa continued to perfect her craft and decided to accept a job at a local fabric store as an Assistant Manager. Shortly after accepting the position, Vanessa was presented with the opportunity to teach sewing at the local community college.

Designing has always been her life’s passion. The thrill of educating students to pursue a career in fashion inspired her to continue to forge ahead, and that’s when she opened the doors to Vanessa’s Bridal Image. Vanessa designed custom wedding gowns for the everyday bride. She quickly gained recognition for her cutting edge bridal looks in shades of every color. In 2001, Vanessa made the hard decision of leaving her roots behind and headed to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her degree in Fashion Design from Bauder College. After graduating at the top of her class in 2003, Vanessa started Van Miller International and is now taking the fashion industry by storm with her trendsetting designs, couture opulence and comfortable yet edgy ready to wear ensembles. Featured in numerous publications, blogs, fashion shows and special events, Van Miller International is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“Whether we have the means or not, we all, to some greater or lesser degree have an idea or a dream that we were created to achieve.”
~Vanessa Henderson – Lady of the House”

Howard Gillespie, partnered mens’ designer to Vanessa has a very Dapper style vintage suit collection. The name of his collection is HGII.  His collection has been featured of tons of Runway shows, magazines and more.

Van Miller International Site featuring HGII


Clavon  Leonard, is one of those folks who you know—from first conversation—is not only in the right field and on the right career path, but is destined for success. His story began as the son of an impeccably dressed father—he grew up watching his dad don hats, pressed and starched suits, and take great pride in the details of his dress. From his own first suit and hat (worn to Kindergarten, no less!), Clavon was hooked. His love of fashion design became a profession several years ago, when he started designing his own suits and clothing for his wife and children because he couldn’t find off-the-rack styles that suited his taste. From there, he built the Clavon’s Wear website to sell custom made (and customizable), one-of-a-kind, and modern suits to men of all sizes and heights, as well as a new couture collection for women. Several runway shows later, tastemakers from coast to coast are increasingly turning to Clavon for his distinctive vision, unmistakable creativity, keen attention to detail, and charm. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce Clavon’s Wear to all our tall men of taste—as his product is a go-to for guys who see the world in colors beyond the blacks, navys, and grays. (quoted from THE Height of Style)

Website of Clavons’ Wear click here


Designer Bernard Buie, is a pure genius with his innovative collections. He is a humanitarian, designer, and great visions who doesn’t see himself stopping at just clothing. Mr. Buie has created a non-profit organization to back his “lifesaver boxer brief brand” entitled Project Lifesaver. This non-profit organization help with the prevention of unwanted childbirths and hiv/aids prevention. He also has a signature sophisticated bow-tie collection which was placed on Que from Day 26, Michael Keith of 112 and countless others. The Brand Bernard Buie mission is to enlighten the now and upcoming generations on a way of life by providing them with a brand that sets a path and a foundation to their goals in life, by making great quality of clothing and home goods that will last a life time.



Acclaimed as “…a young designer with a wise eye” by Lucky Magazine, Jerri Reid’s self titled line has reached new boundaries since its creation in 2012. With focus on edge, adventure, and romanticism, Jerri Reid is an ever changing and evolving line.

 Jerri Reid has been featured in various media outlets including ESSENCE, BET, and V103 Atlanta. He has designed for Devyn and Afiya; both supermodels from the hit Oxygen series The Face. His work was also featured on the runways of Small Boutique and Brooklyn Fashion Week.

 Reid, often referred to by birth name Jermaine, hopes to continually inspire and showcase his talents. His latest project, Fashion: A Seamless Way to the Top is a community based program that teaches youth the fundamentals of fashion creation.

Jerri Reid Website featuring his current collection




Dominque Bones-Lark, who has worked with the likes of James Covellio & Rebecca Taylor, was also featured in several periodicals including BLEU, FabEgo and HypeHair Magazine.  He has also worked as an assistant designer for Mamiye Brothers, and has assisted in coordinating numerous fashion showing including Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.`Ikaika By Dominque Bones-Lark has been changing the fabric of the fashion world for years.

`Ikaika worn by Cassidy Wolf’s  Miss Teen USA 2013. On her first  Fashion shoot as Miss Teen USA 2013. Moscotte Shoe brand Autumn/Winter  & Holiday Campaign 2013. Fashion,Fantasy, Power, Beauty… The imperial essence, draped in an array of fabrics mesmerized by color and texture. Inspiration derives from the pages of stories from worlds left long ago. This line embodies Asian influences with a high-end Urban flair! We are not your everyday ready to wear;  We are not even ready to wear. With each collection our story manifests, and we welcome you… No we urge you to join the manifestation which is `Ikaika!



Alexis Arjona, is  Fashion Designer of Arjona Collection,creating Men, Women and Children garment with a couture flair. He has becoming recognized for his collections on Celebrities like Michael Keith of 112, Anthony “Que” of Day 26 and tons others. Arjuna Collection, has proven as a triple threat and as the force  reckoned with as an all out flair and style. This diamond in the rough who shines bright in the dirt and has a lot more in store for the universe. He was also featured designer during 2016 SS collection in a Style Boutique for Style Fashion Week.

Jhonathan Pierre Cornell
Owner of MJk Collection and MJK by Jhon Pierre Cornell

Jhonathan Pierre Cornell, is known as a fashion stylist or many markets who has worked with international mens brands and celebrities for Red Carpets, movie screening and also awards shows. He now is the official owner of MJK Collection. An African inspired and created clothing line. The line he created is made to empower the american people. MJK stands for Majestic Jaunty Kings. The purpose of this line is to bring 3 word tailors to the table of someone major. All pieces created are planned between tailor & JPc collaborating.


Maxine Drayton, designer and more was born in Louisiana and transitioned to Tennessee in 1996. After grade school, she went on to study at the Bolton Beauty School of Cosmetology.  Later did additional studies and graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology, majoring in Fashion and Merchandising. Maxine has interned with the legendary designer Manuel Cuevas. Her expertise very well-rounded in the fashion world. From hair styling to fashion designer and seamstress this is one go getter, who knows her craft. She has worked with numerous of fashion production teams, creates her own patterns, and will quickly fix a hem or take in a garment.

Ms Drayton’s,  phenomenal talents are the basis which drives from the inspiration, determination, and hard-working will power that are within her.  Her couture pieces are the pieces to wow many audiences.  They range from old hollywood style and glamour to modern-day chique.