Runway Is Relevant

Fashion publicist turned lifestyle blogger

Everyone has applied to a job before, and everyone (hopefully) knows that when it says “cover letter optional” that the “optional” part is not really true.

As a designer wanting to make a name in the industry, the runway show is like the cover letter; it may not seem like it’s necessary, but in fact it’s indispensable. Think about it, the fashion show does the three main things a cover letter is intended to do: it shows what a designer can bring to the table, it highlights the skills and characteristics that make a designer unique and valuable to the industry, and most importantly it creates interest about the designer. Interest creates customers, customers create sales, and sales create a successful fashion business.

AMCO1 Rack Addik at AMCONYC Fashion Week

If the cover letter metaphor isn’t helpful enough, think of the designer as an artist and the fashion show as the…

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